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Guts of a Hero: Action Card Expansion Pack Series 1

Image of Guts of a Hero: Action Card Expansion Pack Series 1


Take the heroic game of intestinal justice to an entirely new level of insanity with the Action Card Expansion Pack.

Did you think the wild actions of the basic game were unbelievable? You'll be blown away by the wild swings in position that result from these additional cards. Play them on there own, or in addition to the basic card set, to make the trip through Smiley's intestines a radically unpredictable journey.

What's that? Not crazy enough? Then use the included specialty dice and risk the chance of pulling not one, but two action cards in a single roll. You could go from one step away from the bomb to right back into the stomach if you aren't strategic with your Force Fields.

Tested at the Orlando Mega Con with rave reviews, this expansion pack is sure to make playing Guts of a Hero an unforgettable event!

Contents include:
32 Sweet Donkey Action Cards
32 Put Some Stank On It Action Cards
2 Specialty Dice (each with the numbers 1-5 and a card pull face)

Note: Expansion Pack orders are shipped via First-Class Mail, unless ordered with additional items.

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