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Guts of a Hero: Character Expansion Pack Series 1

Image of Guts of a Hero: Character Expansion Pack Series 1


If you thought playing Guts of a Hero was fun with four players, try it with six, using the Breakneck Basilisk Vs Atomic Jellyfish Character Expansion Pack. Play as six individuals or team up as three good guys and three bad guys to race to the Tristeelium bomb before it explodes!

Use the included 8-sided die to completely change the game's pace and zip through Smiley's intestines faster than you ever thought possible. But be careful, you may find yourself moving backward just as fast as you move ahead.

Contents include:
Breakneck Basilisk Playing Piece
Atomic Jellyfish Playing Piece
Four Avoid One Force Field Cards
Four Pull Extra Force Field Cards
8-sided Die

Note: Expansion Pack orders are shipped via First-Class Mail, unless ordered with additional items.

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