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Maniacal Smile Volume 2: The Blues

Image of Maniacal Smile Volume 2: The Blues


Fresh from being appointed as the RESERVIST hero for the city of Utopia, The Maniacal Smile takes to the streets. With help from the mysterious Blue Manta, Smiley and friends have to stop the menaces that threaten the town. Our hero soon learns that being a hero has its down sides. Eco-terrorists with Sumerian power rings? Check. Summoned deity bent on world destruction? Check. Mutant Sea creatures, delicious but loaded with parasites? Double check. Does Smiley have the Blues? SWEET DONKEY!

Collects issues 4-7

Story: Mike Foss
Illustrations: Rob Rhine
Color, 98 Pages

Note: All trade paperbacks and comic books ship via Media Mail, unless ordered with a non-book item.